Roadmap To Genius™ – Uncover The Genius Improve Intelligence & Iq Within You

Dear Internet Friend,

If you’re ready to transform yourself into a living Einstein with Super Genius Intelligence – FAST – then keep reading because you’re about to discover a technique that’s proven to do just that. 

But first, let me ask you a few questions.

Do you…

Shy away from social conversations because you don’t feel as smart as everyone else?
Study every waking hour, depriving yourself of sleep, to learn as much as you can… yet you stillstruggle to pass tests at school or work?


Are you tired of being called ‘slow, dumb, or stupid’ by your family and peers?
Is your performance level suffering at work because you aren’t confident enough with your intelligence level to take on more projects, exposing how much information you don’t know?
Have you struggled, all your life, to appear ‘smarter’ when everyone around you seems to be born with super brain capabilities?
Do you feel that much of your life has been wasted studying and learning, while everyone else is having a good time, and you just fail anyway?
Has being ‘stupid’ negatively affected your ability to date?
Are you not reaching your financial goals because of your lack of intelligence?


If it can happen to me, it can happen to you too. 

“You Really Can Become Smarter!”

As an author and successful business-owner, you’d think I was pretty smart, eh? Well, you’re right. Last time I checked, my IQ level was over 190. That’s well above genius level.

The truth is, I wasn’t always a genius. Since I was a kid, I was bullied and teased for being ‘slower’ than the other kids. While other guys had nicknames like “Jock” or “Mr. Cool,” I was known as “Stupid.” In fact, some times I wondered if “Stupid” should have been my real name.

Looking back, I can still remember how painful it was to watch all the other students advance up the grades, talking about what colleges they were going to attend and what kind of job they wanted. All I wanted was to be smarter.

So, in my senior year in high school, I decided to spend the entire year finding a way to boost my intelligence. With a few failed grades I knew the only hope of ever getting into college and making a promising future for myself was to pass my exams with good marks.

Fast forward to today… I’ve spent the last 10 years researching mind and brain development techniques to transform anyone with a ‘less favorable’ IQ level to a GENIUS status.

But, before I tested my findings with anyone else, all the tests were conducted on myself. The way I saw it…if the study didn’t work, then the worse thing that could happen is I’d become even dumber. I was amazed when the opposite occurred.

Instead of getting dumber, I was getting smarter!

And this was only the beginning. My grades improved. I passed every one of my final exams with flying colors. I was even accepted into a major Southern California University to get my Masters Degree in Psychology.

It’s funny, because I’ve just been to my 10th year High School Reunion and everyone wanted to know what I did to make such a drastic change. Obviously they could see I was not only brilliant beyond any of their capabilities, but I was also…loaded!

You see, I put my new brain cells to work by building a few successful businesses which are bringing in over a million dollars a year.

The person most shocked at my transformation was my old high school buddy. Jack asked me, “Dude, what happened to you? Are you on some kind of brain steroids or something because you were as dumb as they get? Now look at you! Where can I get some, man?”

I thought… Jack may be on to something here. Maybe I should package up my 10 years of research in intelligence growth and give it to the world to see. So, I began perfecting my secret intelligence program into an easy-to-use system called Roadmap To Genius™.

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