Women’s Weight Gain Guide

Yes, this is how skinny I was. I used to be just like you… feeling not quite feminine enough because of a lack of curves. I was underweight and no one seemed to understand my pain. In fact, women would always say things like “I hate you, you’re so skinny!” not knowing how self conscious it made me feel.

But… Men Want
Something To Grab Onto!

Because the fact of the matter is, most men don’t find the model-thin look to be as attractive as a womanly hourglass shape. Although I worked as a model and was praised for my boniness, I would constantly catch my boyfriends checking out girls with more meat on their frames!

Luckily, I wouldn’t have to put up with men who blatantly oogled other women in front of me for long. I met the man of my dreams, we got married and he was such a perfect gentleman.

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Bone Broth A Recipe For Health – Guide To Healing With Bone Broth


The purpose of the book is to share the wonderfully healing virtues of bone broth. Why?

Because I truly believe that bone broth is one of the few foods that can benefit everyone with little or no downside.

If you’re familiar with the paleo diet or other traditional or whole foods diets, you are probably aware that bone broth is
 recommended by nutritionists and holistic healers for its curative effects as well as general nutrition. This is for good reason…

Bone broth helped me to alleviate many of the same problems that you are experiencing – gastrointestinal symptoms, joint pain, allergies, food sensitivities, fertility and more.

In Bone Broth: A Recipe for Health, learn why bone broth is prescribed for nearly every malady and how it can help 
you achieve health and longevity.

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Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook



 What if I told You Everything You Thought You Knew About Weight Loss and Healthy Eating was Wrong? 

It’s a FACT – Most Doctors, Nutrition ‘Experts’, and Dietitians Are DEAD WRONG about Weight Loss, Nutrition and Healthy Cooking! The Truth is Weight Loss can be Easy and You Don’t Have to Diet or Work Out Hard.


Did you know that ‘Eating Less and Exercising More‘ can Damage Your Metabolism, Increase Belly Fat and Cause Cravings? And did you also know that most ‘health foods’ are anything but heathy? And no, that’s not a sales gimmick – I’ve been doing this as a professional coach for almost 20 years in New York City with great success. 

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Fatty Liver Freedom Cookbook

“Four Months Of Intense Work And Literally Thousands Of Tried-Out Recipes With The End Result Of Hundreds Of Perfect Delicious Recipes That Will Design A Chemical Environment That Will Continue to Heal Your Liver Even While You Are Asleep”

 Without these information you almost no chance of planning a comprehensive dietary strategy without spending months designing it.

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Vracer Car Racing Game: Top Aff Makes $2800/day


Date: Thursday, April 24.
From: The VRacer Development Team
Mike Mcfadden & Tom Cabrera

Have you always dreamt of being behind the wheels of a real race car?

What if I told you that you can experience the closest thing to actually driving a REAL race car in the comfort of your home…. with state-of-the-art realistic modelling system and collision physics?

My name is Mike.  I am an semi-pro race car driver (Spec Miata & Formula Vee) who doesn’t always have the luxury of being able to get to the track regularly.  Life’s busy, you know, and I don’t get to race as often as I’d like.

That’s why I always wished there was a decent race car simulator out there that I could jump on whenever I liked to practice.  The problem was that none of the games out there even came close to being “real”.

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