Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook



 What if I told You Everything You Thought You Knew About Weight Loss and Healthy Eating was Wrong? 

It’s a FACT – Most Doctors, Nutrition ‘Experts’, and Dietitians Are DEAD WRONG about Weight Loss, Nutrition and Healthy Cooking! The Truth is Weight Loss can be Easy and You Don’t Have to Diet or Work Out Hard.


Did you know that ‘Eating Less and Exercising More‘ can Damage Your Metabolism, Increase Belly Fat and Cause Cravings? And did you also know that most ‘health foods’ are anything but heathy? And no, that’s not a sales gimmick – I’ve been doing this as a professional coach for almost 20 years in New York City with great success. 


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Discover How to Quickly Turn Your Health Around With the New SIMPLE, EASY, and DELICIOUS Healthy Meal Plan System

I want to show you exactly how my healthy meal plan system works, but first…

Are you tired of being lied to by greedy corporate food companies that are only interested in your money and could care less about your health?

Are you ready to toss aside all of the conflicting misinformation that you’re finding online or from your doctor, dietitian, or nutritionist?

Are you ready to finally learn the TRUTH and take control over your own health instead of trusting so-called “experts” who in reality are no healthier than you?

Are you ready to experience a big increase in energy that can carry you through your day?

Are you ready to experience a drastic reduction in stress which will leave you happier and your days much more enjoyable?

Do you want to do all of this while eating delicious and long forgotten health foods, like Butter? That’s right, I said Butter.

If you said yes to ANY of those questions then I have some great news for you…

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