Facebook Power | How To Get Rockstar Like Power On Facebook

Hi, this is Garin Kilpatrick, and I am SO excited to share with you the single most exciting new development in Facebook marketing the world has ever seen.It’s very important for you to read every word of this page because it’s full of powerful life changing information that can quickly end the pain of struggling to make your online business profitable forever!FINALLY! A simple solution for frustrated business owners, entrepreneurs, and online marketers EAGER to build their brands with Facebook……and leverage the worlds most popular social network to MAXIMIZE your social media profits without headaches or hassles.Now millions of business owners are scrambling to get their pages up to date and the opportunity to make money with Facebook has never been greater.

This training program is of URGENT importance to any business owner, entrepreneur, online marketer, and brand builder who wants to cash in on the Social Media Explosion that is currently happening in the online market…

The information in this program comes straight from me, Garin Kilpatrick, and I have made it my business to build brands for businesses on Social Media for over six years…

The expert training that you will receive in this program will turbo-boost the social media results you are able to achieve without wasting any time on Facebook…

fbPower shows you exactly how you can set up a social media system so that you can create a community of raving fans ready and able to spread the word about your brand far and wide…

You do realize that Social Media, and Facebook in particular, represents the fastest-growing opportunity to explode your business and profits since the printing press, right…

The Power of Facebook can grow any business to new heights, and this applies to brick and mortar businesses, and all businesses seeking to explode their online presence…

Facebook Now Has Over ONE Billion Users

Here are some staggering Facebook and Social Media facts that might surprise you:


#1. Facebook has over taken porn as the #1 activity on the Internet.

#2. It took TV 13 years to reach 13 million users. Facebook added 100 million users in less than 9 months!

#3. According to some Facebook employees, Facebook has already surpassed 800 million users! The opportunity this presents is phenomenal, simply make one penny from every eight Facebook users and you will be a MILLIONAIRE!

#4. A whopping 74% of ALL consumers now rely on social networks to guide purchasing decisions. That’s right Facebook users are BUYERS!

#5. Your potential customers spend an average of 55 minutes a day on Facebook—and YOU can easily attract them.

Social Media is of vital importance for businesses who want to be in the top of mind of their prospects. Google even integrates social media

information into their search results for millions of relevant searches.

The people who have the most Powerful Facebook and social media strategies will be in the best position to PROFIT!

How much more will you earn tapping into this market when it’s a proven fact that…

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