How To Sell In Today’s Tough Markets.

“How to Sell in Today’s Tough Markets”

The information and sales closing techniques in this new book are bang up to date. It was written in association with Direct Selling Masterclass, the UK’s top direct sales trainers. They know the direct selling market place and teach what works NOW, not five years ago.

They teach the psychology behind the selling process and the way we must change to stay ahead of the game. And much, much more.

Their wealth of experience in direct selling and in sales training means that the information in this book will probably provide the greatest single positive influence on your professional selling career. It will give you a blueprint for direct selling TODAY! It will take you, step by step, through the selling techniques which will ensure that you can work every call with a precise game plan for closing sales.

“Probably the most significant change you will ever make to your own personal selling process!”

This book is a “Blueprint” for closing sales

How to Sell in Today’s Tough Markets…….

is an essential read if you want to achieve, and maintain, success in direct sales. We GUARANTEE that if you apply what you read here, you’ll find many, many more sales are closed, without the battle and rejection that many sellers accept as a normal part of their job. 

Closing sales will become a natural part of the sales process and the techniques and concepts will become second nature.

Customers will close themselves! 

How to Sell in Today’s Tough Markets

A Masterclass in Direct Selling

Let us give you a flavour of a few of the topics covered …..

How much better do you need to be?

Many times in direct selling organisations, one seller is in the $100,000 p.a. league and a peer, with equal product knowledge and experience is scraping to get to $10,000. It isn’t necessarily that one is ten times better than the other, nor is it that one works ten times as many appointments.

We’ll show you what separates them and how you can lift your personal sales performance by margins you’ll find hard to believe!

Who has the best plan – you or the prospect?

Your plan versus the customer’s plan!
Most sellers make it hard on themselves by using a loosely defined call structure – they reason that their knowledge and experience will carry them through. However, it’s this “loose” approach that allows the buyer far too much freedom to manouveure, and the result is that the buyer is able to siphon knowledge from the seller, but not allow themselves to be moved towards a closing situation, hence the buyer’s plan will prevail.

How to Sell in Today’s Tough Markets will give you a rock-solid, step-by-step game plan for closing sales, and demonstrate why you should use it on every call.

Are you limiting your earnings by staying within your “comfort zone”?

Most sellers have an in-built resistance to new ideas; giving them a half-hearted try, at best, before reverting back to their old ways.  Their usual way of working (within the comfort zone) means that their whole presentation is almost on autopilot. 

You’ll learn why you must look outside of your personal comfort zone, and how it will produce sensational results when closing sales!

Trying to close modern day sales with Stone Age techniques?

The old way of direct selling is still being used extensively today. Why? Because, traditionally, managers have been promoted from the ranks. The selling techniques of yesteryear have been passed down the line to each new generation of recruits.

Their in-bred knowledge is improved only marginally when sellers or managers move within their industry and share their experiences. It’s no wonder that many sellers struggle to close sales in today’s tough markets.
You’ll learn the techniques that work in this tough recession.

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