Money Making Marketing For Loan Officers

Dear Fellow Loan Officer,

True confessions time: I’m not your typical loan officer.

I used to be, though.   I sat in my office and dutifully took the handful of leads my boss gave me every few days, and I’d make the cold calls.  Occasionally someone would answer or call me back…but not usually.

Then I had lunch with an old friend.   As we ate, she got four separate calls on her cell from buyers she was setting up loans for.  I was extremely envious of her success, so I asked her what her secret was.

“I learned how to do great referral marketing,” she said with a smile.  And then, over the course of the next few weeks, she walked me through it, step-by-step, and showed me all her sources…all for just the cost of several lunches on me.

I was intrigued, so I did some research of my own.  Within 6 months, I had surpassed my friend in terms of loan originations—I was a star!

Before I discovered onto the secrets I’m about to reveal to you, I spend thousands on fax blasts, mail-outs, flyers, and postcards.

But none of it really worked.  Sure, I might get one buyer from each new advertising trick, but it wasn’t paying for itself.

I got so frustrated I wanted to scream and tear my hair out!  There had to be some way to originate more loans, right?


You CAN get more loan originations!

My friend showed them how…then I did my own research and learned even MORE.

Now I’m offering all my secrets to YOU!

I just finished Money Making Marketing For Loan Officers. Itaddressed one thing that has really bugged me and really simplified it. That is, how to choose and market to a particular niche. You made it as simple as it really should be. The realtor follow-up was covered very well and is sure to cement relations between mortgage brokers and realtors, (if followed as described in your book!)”

“Thank you for some sound practical advice that both a novice and a seasoned mortgage broker can use to crank up the pipeline.”

–Kimberly Jacobson, Bellingham WA 03/24/2007


My name is Eileen Hebert and I’m like most people—just an average investor.  But there’s one very special thing about me.  Let me explain…

I admit it, I’m a nosy person.  I’ll ask anyone anything—even complete strangers.  It doesn’t take much to get me inquisitive.

That’s why, when my friend showed me her secrets to getting more loan originations, I took it several steps further and started my own research into loan officer marketing.

It took awhile, but gradually I became an expert.

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