Text Addiction – Help Your Teen

Dear Friend,

Are you struggling with a teen that can’t stop texting?   Have you been feeling frustrated and angry with yourself because you can’t make them stop – no matter what you say or do?

If your answer is “yes” then I’m sorry you’re going through this – I know exactly how you feel because I personally went through the same agony not that long ago.

I had a two year long standoff with my daughter over her texting until I finally found a way to help her stop, and it feels so good to have my happy, healthy, normal daughter back!

What you’re about to read is the most powerful system that has ever been created for helping your teen kick the texting habit once and for all.   Although text and cell phone addiction rates are increasing, most people don’t know how to cope – and most don’t even know this system exists.

My Daughter Turned Into A Different Person When She Got Hooked On Texting…At 13 she was bright, cheerful, considerate, and all I could ask for in a daughter.

We had promised her than when she turned 13 she could have a cell phone – she had been hounding us for over a year but we didn’t want her to grow up so fast. So on her 13th birthday, she got her phone.

Within the next 24 hours, life began to change. Over the next month, the “changes” were noticeable:


  • She didn’t talk to us much any more… she didn’t talk much at all. All she did was type on her phone 
  • Her life got a lot more “dramatic.” Things like gossip and rumors are always there, but the phoneseemed to magnify them by at least 10 times


  • She seemed to have a bad attitude toward us all the time


  • Rude behavior, like using the phone at dinner or other inappropriate times, became the norm


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