7search Formula – Make 7search PPC Work For You

Have You Ever Wondered Why Some People Love Using 7Search & Others Hate It? When I Started Using 7Search It Didn’t Take Long For Me To Start Hating It – Yes – I Actually Hated It!

After I Cooled Off I Went Back To 7Search With The Single Intention Of Learning How To Make 7Search Work For Me Like I Had Heard It Worked For Others. Many Campaigns And Thousands Of Dollars In Advertising Spend Later I Finally Came Up With The Formula And Kept It To Myself….Until Now.

I’ll Show You Exactly How I Make 7Search Work For Me – Step By Step – Leaving Nothing Out. You’ll Watch Me As I Create A Campaign From Start To Finish Within The Actual 7Search Interface And Not Just A Bunch Of Slides. You’ll Get The Exact Steps And The Secrets I Use When Creating My Campaigns, Which Takes All Of The Guesswork Out!

You Get Over 2 Hours Of Step-By-Step Videos!
  • Traffic – How To Use It For Your Sites And Products Or As An Affiliate
  • Goals – How To Use The Traffic For Lead Generation And Sales
  • Landing Pages – What Landing Pages Work Best
  • Conversions – How To Use Tracking For Conversions
  • Ads – Secret Methods To Getting More Clicks And What Works Best
  • Keywords – Secret Methods To Finding Low Competition Keywords With Traffic
  • Bids – How To Bid Properly And Still Get Clicks For Only $.01
  • Match Types – What The Types Are And What I Suggest You Use
  • Spying – I Show You How To Spy On Your Competitors For FREE!
  • Optimization – How To Optimize Your Campaigns


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