The Truth About World Financial Group


Steve Siebold spent 13-years behind the scenes of this controversial company studying the inner-workings, its true purpose and the leaders that drive it. Siebold conducted 107-interviews with field leaders, failed associates, employees, former employees, product providers, competitors, and industry critics and experts. Before considering this opportunity, arm yourself with the facts!


When you’re coaching mental toughness, one of the most helpful things you can have in front of you is a list of key beliefs of world class performers. These winning beliefs are common among big thinkers and the ultra successful. As  a coach, they serve as powerful discussion points. Ask the people you’re coaching what they think about these beliefs and you’ll begin to build a blueprint of their mental makeup.


In mental toughness training we teach that beliefs dictate behaviors; so once you know what your people believe you’ll understand why they do what they do. After a while, you’ll be able to predict their every move with astounding accuracy. It’s a little scary, but the truth is human beings are predictable by nature


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