Professional Trading Portfolio


Today I’m looking at a new high priced Forex expert advisor that promises 80% profit on a monthly basis, Professional Trading Portfolio. The developers have combined two Forex strategies they’ve previously released, Professional Breakout Trading System and Professional Reversal Trading System to create this portfolio that focuses on increased profit and reduced risk.




Professional Trading Portfolio is a portfolio built by Professional Breakout Trading System and Professional Reversal Trading System that are 100% mechanical Forex systems created for Metatrader4.

The concept behind the creation of the portfolio is that combining two winning strategies will achieve a significant increase in returns while reducing the risk.

The advantage of the portfolio is that its component systems work well in different market conditions and are built around different market models and concepts – Volatility Breakout and Intraday Reversal, which are mutually consistent.

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ystem does not work well, the other compensates with good performance and we achieve a smoother equity curve.

In fact 80% of month-to-month performance is positive over a long period of backtesting and live trading. This speaks about consistency of both mechanical strategies.

The system trades the most popular currency pair in Forex – eur-usd, due to the fact that this currency pair is the most appropriate for systematic trading since it is more than ¼ of the Forex daily volume.

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